Having any trouble connecting to AWS IoT with publishing messages to AWS IoT topics in mind?

Here you will find some some quick steps for getting it right. The following steps assume that:

Let’s do it.

Problems with linking MongoDB via Testcontainers with @SpringBootTest

When you write tests that run SpringBoot context and you want to use MongoDB instance provided by Testcontainers you have to somehow pass the right URI or a pair of host and port into the Context to be able to connect your framework to MongoDB properly.

There are a few ways of doing that, some are well documented on the Testcontainers page right here: https://www.testcontainers.org

It might be a little bit complicated to find the right setup, that would be able to intercept startup of the Spring Context in a right time providing both host and port of the MongoDB…

Source: https://knowyourmeme.com/photos/896487-batman

There are probably quite a few articles on the subject, but the idea of writing the health-check code is still alive and well, even when it hardly brings any value, so here is another one — let’s spread the word.

Looking at most health-check code you probably had that feeling that something is not right with it. In this short article, I will try to show you one of the reasons why you could feel that way.

Let’s get to it!

Let’s assume we have a database with a communication layer controlling every call we make to it — let’s call it a SneakyDBLayer

Krzysztof Owczarek

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